Tuesday, March 28, 2017

In The Years to Come


A semester has passed and I haven't written anything, presumably on purpose. I planned on keeping it that way; just let the blog covered by imaginary cobwebs for being abandoned too long, because I just didn't bother enough to write any thing any more. That, until a friend of mine, who unexpectedly also a frequent(?) reader of this blog, asked me out of the blue. 

"Are you seriously that busy so you can't even update your blog?"

It was surprising because: 1) I didn't even know he read my blog; 2) There are people out there who actually care about my nonsensical writing on this outdated platform???

Recovering from my initial shock, here I am; a few weeks late to the question, but still going to answer nonetheless.

So, no, I wasn't that busy. 

I said I would study hard on my previous Survival Report post but no, I didn't even try hard enough. It showed in the results, though. But I'm done comparing myself to other people just for the sake of it.  Like...yes, I'm still finishing a Bachelor degree, not Master degree. It's true, my best friends are married and giving birth while I'm still proudly single. No, I don't own a brand new car or fancy housing yet. 

But it's okay. I'm getting older by the day, but even that is fine, too. 

There are so many other things in life that I could be proud of. My hobby gets me to be friends with amazing people. I also learn a bit of a new language. College life is stressful but quite fun, and once another friend said, "... but at the very least I could meet many interesting people. I met you."

Sure, in the years to come, I would love to get a Master degree too. I want to get married to someone who is nice and can appreciate long handwritten letters (because he understands how bad I am with expressing feelings verbally). And by then, owning a car and a nice house would be possible--we might even have a small yard where our five cats can freely roam around.

My life just goes on a bit slower pace than others. But maybe, just maybe, when it is going slower, I can pay more attention to everything around me and enjoy them with full delight.

P.S. Pardon the babbling above because it's already 2 AM and I'm probably a bit drunk of MSG or something because I swear I don't usually sound this sappy and/or cringey. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The First

I still remember every little thing about our first meeting. (Although I'm pretty sure it's technically not our first time seeing each other, considering we might have ran into one another in the park or cafetaria like we did many times later. But it's the first time my subsconscious acknowledged your existence and we first introduced ourselves, so yeah, I think that counts enough.) I remember the place, the time, the clothes you're wearing and mine, the ambience, and I swear I can somehow still recognize the smell: a little tangy and sweet of wet leaves. I remember your eyes seemed to reflect the street lights; bright and sunny as was your smile.

Maybe I have been liking you since then.

(I didn't know, of course, not until years later, and I still don't know if that was stupid of me, or it was just right.)

I also remember our first fight. I don't remember what and who started it, but it's still fresh in my mind that I was so confused and scared because we didn't talk and see each other for a whole week. I realized the fight upset me more than the reason why we even started the fight, so I apologized. It wasn't easy because my pride was everything and you did mock me for giving in first, but we're suddenly fine again and that's the most important thing.

Our first time introducing our significant others was awkward. I was the one who suggested a double date, because it sounded so much like a good idea back in my mind but I regretted it as soon as I said it out loud. To think about it, it's partly your fault for agreeing and not realizing how stupid it was. But maybe it was necessary. Thanks to the disastrous double date, I had came to a realization that I was much more comfortable with you than with my own man. I was wondering why, but I didn't want to know the answer just yet.

When the answer did come, it was like a sudden wave, and I was terrified. Of you, mostly, because there was a very good chance you would hate me once you found out. (You wouldn't, because the answer had already came to you too, but earlier, and I was the one who was dumb for longer.) 

You didn't find out. Still don't. Wouldn't even do.

I still remember our last meeting. The place, the time, the clothes you're wearing and mine, the ambience. It smelled like coffee shop and pattiserie and again, you were wearing that sunshine of a smile and I was too blinded to second guess anything. You said you'd come back tomorrow. I never thought that after everything, you would lie.

(But I have read the letter you left me. If only you sent it sooner. We might have been truly happy for once.)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Catching Up


It's almost one full year since the last time I wrote here. I wish I could find a proper excuse for such long inactivity, but I don't, so I won't talk about that. After all, it's no longer a secret that I am lazy.

Many things have changed from last year. For one, I no longer worked in the office I've been working for the past two years and four months. And no, I didn't get fired: I am going back to school!

It's honestly a little hard to believe. I was skeptical, and honestly, I still am. Even my friend questioned my eligibility and said directly to my face, "How did you, of all people?" (He's joking, but I did cuss at him for that anyway.)

Another friend asked me once, "I didn't know you're the type to continue your study. I thought you'd like working more." (Oh, if only you knew the kind of condition I worked in.)

Or something with more obvious sinister, sadly from quite a number of people, "Why do you even bother? You're a woman, working close to home. What more are you searching for? Give chance to your peers who are still far away from their hometowns." (The amount of ignorance in this had me literally shaking my head in disgust.)

But, here I am. Well, not exactly "here" because I'm currently at home enjoying a short holiday, but the fact that I made it to be back in college. And honestly, I am a bit scared.

Remember a few years ago I made a long rant about me not getting accepted to the only college I wanted to get into? And how I suddenly ended up in my current almamater. Which I didn't feel very fond of, because I was young and full of myself, and also because I didn't know better. 

This time, it's different. I wanted to get accepted, me, with my own conscious decision. I chose to be way out of my comfort zone. Living alone, supporting myself, a small town girl in a big city that contains big dreams. Although, I do admit a struggle. I'm not a very bright person, and I happen to be surrounded by the brightest people I ever met, so now I'm falling behind. I need the extra efforts to be equal, but as the lazy person that I am, it will be a hard task to do. I need to motivate myself more. And that's why I'm here now, haha.

So, yeah. I'm glad to be back, but it ain't no vacation. I have to put in actual effort and strive. It's not like I feel the need to prove them that I deserve my place here, but I believe it would be nice if I do.

.... Okay. This seems too mellow. I need to talk about something else more uplifting like, well, my best friends are here too! I even got into the same class as one of them, which I was angry about, but now I'm learning to accept and be grateful about it. Because to think about it, he lives far from campus so if we didn't get into the same class we probably wouldn't get to meet each other that much.

My other best friend stays in the same dorm as I do, but soon she will be moving out. I wanted to move out too! But she chooses to move to Bintaro, a good 45-minutes away from campus, and I don't think I'm ready for such commitment especially if I get 3 days of morning classes a week. But I don't know, since my two best friends are going to live there I will probably change my mind. I'm easy to give in if people persuade me enough.

There are so many things I want to talk about, to fill in the past year that I didn't write in here. Like how I fell to new guys (all six of them!) and how I was willing to take a leave from work to meet them in Singapore. I went to South Korea too, when it was autumn and beautiful falling leaves were everywhere, and that's when I realized I fell in love with the aforementioned guys and the country they're living in. I also raised a new cat (technically, my mom raised him), an all black cat named Justin Bieber, who later I realized was actually a fill-in of me and my brother who went leaving for college and thus left my parents alone in our home.

I might be coming back to tell more of those stories, or bringing even more stories, but if I were not, let's just assume I was studying really hard. (Probably not, but a girl can hope.)

See you later, I hope we all can be better.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Tahu-tahu, sore berubah menjadi senja. Merah jingga yang sebentar. Lalu petang datang.

"Sana sholat Maghrib dulu."

"Iya. Di sana...?"

"Masih terang benderang. Teleponnya ditutup dulu aja, nanti baterenya habis."

"Hu um. Nanti kutelpon lagi ya."



Pukul satu dini hari. Ribut burung hantu dan sesekali tiupan angin pada rerimbun semak di belakang rumah menimbulkan siul-siul panjang. Merdu, sekaligus mencekam.

"Belum tidur?"

"Acara di TV lagi bagus, tanggung ah."

"Memangnya ngerti mereka ngomong apa?"

"Sedikit. Kalau ada yang lucu aku udah bisa ikut ketawa."

"Ih kirain. Kan bisa bantu-bantu jadi tukang terjemahin drama."

"Kamu sempat nonton drama?"

"Ya iyalah. Nggak ada hiburan lain."


"Hoaam. Udah ah, ngantuk. Besok jaga pagi."

"Maaf, ya."


"Memang harusnya aku nggak usah ambil beasiswanya."





Satu kali sentuh dan sambungan terputus. Suara siul panjang kembali datang. Waktunya menarik selimut dan terlelap.



Keringat dingin. Ritme detak jantung semakin cepat. Bernapas pelan-pelan, satu-dua-hembus.

"Rudal balistik ke pusat kota. Korbannya..."

Tidak tahu. Tidak mau tahu.

Langit mendung kelabu. Angin kencang. Sudah satu jam tapi masih belum turun hujan.




Jas putih terlipat rapi di atas koper. Di atas paspor. Di atas visa dan tiket pesawat dan bukti reservasi hotel.

"Aku memutuskan berhenti dulu. Lanjutnya tunggu kamu lulus dua tahun lagi saja. Sendirian nggak enak."

Malam ini tidak ada dekut burung apapun. Tidak pula siulan malam, atau sekadar gemerisik semak.

"Sudah telat, ya?"

Semua stasiun televisi menayangkan berita yang sama: peluru kendali dari Korea Utara menyerang Korea Selatan. Korban tewas 184 orang. Satu orang warga negara Indonesia.

Kau tentu tahu siapa.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Dunia Alisa

Apa sih susahnya tersenyum?

Galih menatap punggung Alisa yang begitu saja melewatinya tanpa basa-basi. Jangankan tersenyum, bahkan untuk menatap matanya saja gadis itu tidak mau. Rasa-rasanya baru kemarin Galih berhasil membuat Alisa tertawa, tetapi hari ini sikapnya kembali seperti biasa. Dingin dan tak peduli. Ia berjalan sendirian melewati kerumunan di lorong dengan kepala tegak dan tatapan lurus ke depan. Seolah Galih dan seisi kampus hanya pemeran figuran tanpa raut muka di film bisu ciptaannya, dengan Alisa sendiri sebagai pemeran utama.

Sudahlah, batinnya. Kalau gadis itu saja tak peduli, mengapa Galih harus?

Ia menghela napas. Sayang sekali. Padahal setelah dua setengah jam percakapan panjang tentang segala hal bersama Alisa kemarin siang saat terjebak hujan, ia terlanjur terpesona. Gadis yang tampak tak tersentuh itu ternyata seorang teman berbicara luar biasa, bahkan tanpa secangkir kopi dan sebatang rokok atau dua untuk doping seperti standar percakapan rutin dengan teman-teman sepahamnya. Seandainya tidak mengalaminya sendiri, Galih hampir tidak percaya dari dua setengah jam itu, ia tidak sedetikpun merasa bosan. Ia berbicara dan mendengarkan sama antusiasnya. Bonus menatap wajah Alisa yang semakin dilihat semakin manis saja. Tahu-tahu, Galih ingin mengenalnya lebih jauh.

Maka saat hujan mereda dan percakapan terpaksa dijeda, Galih-lah yang paling kecewa. Satu-satunya penghiburan yang ia dapat adalah kenyataan bahwa esok hari ia masih bisa bertemu Alisa lagi.

Tetapi hari ini Galih baru sadar; percakapan di hari hujan itu hanya ketidaksengajaan yang eksepsional. Langit cerah sekarang. Dan Alisa tidak sedang berbagi dunia.


Dari jarak jauh, diantara kerumunan mahasiswa, bahkan hanya dengan bagian punggung yang menghadap kearahnya, Alisa masih bisa mengenali Galih. Mungkin karena tinggi badannya yang tidak normal. Atau rambutnya yang terkadang berantakan. Atau tas punggungnya yang lusuh, tapi masih tampak mahal. Tetapi mungkin lebih karena Galih punya semacam aura yang Alisa sudah hapal sejak hari pertama berkenalan.

Galih adalah lelaki tipikal. Tinggi dan percaya diri, punya lingkup pertemanan luas, dan beraroma asap tembakau. Awalnya, Alisa berpikir begitu.

Tetapi siapa sangka ia dan Galih bisa mendiskusikan banyak hal. Berawal dari aroma hujan yang menghambur hingga entah bagaimana sampai pada politik kampus berujung ke sejarah Republik Indonesia. Terdengar gila, tetapi untuk seseorang yang awalnya takut terjangkiti Tubercolosis oleh Galih, mengapa Alisa seolah membukakan pintu masuk ke dunianya?

Mungkin, ia hanya terkejut ketika Galih dengan sopan menyapanya saat berteduh dari hujan hari itu. Galih yang berusaha memulai percakapan, namun bersiap-siap berhenti apabila ia terlihat tak nyaman. Galih yang dengan tenang  mendengarkan pendapatnya, meskipun dari matanya Alisa bisa melihat bahwa isinya kepalanya sudah dipenuhi bantahan-bantahan. Galih yang jago melucu tapi tidak kasar. Galih yang.... ah! Alisa bingung, karena mendadak, jantungnya berdebar lebih kencang. Lalu seperti orang bodoh, matanya tergesa mencari di tengah kerumunan. Sosok tinggi berambut berantakan itu masih ada.

Baiklah, batinnya. Mungkin Alisa hanya perlu menyapanya sekali, dan percakapan seperti kemarin akan terulang kembali.

Semoga ia tidak terlalu grogi hingga kehilangan kepercayaan diri.