Thursday, January 16, 2014

What A Day!

I made stupid mistake today and it's kinda fatal. As in, fatal for me, because I can assure you I did nothing to cause loss of our precious state revenue. But still, it's really stupid and no intelligent human being would make such mistake therefore I must not qualified as an intelligent human being which means I have low IQ and don't deserve a position in this ministry. *crying*

Okay, I'm exaggerating much.

But I ain't lying about how I feel really terrible after committing this atrocity. I can't get it off my mind; it's like being in love but in the cruelest way. (What?)

Writing about it may or may not make me feel better, so I take the chance (between easing my heart and embarrassing myself in front of my dearest almost-non-existent blog readers). And somehow I do feel better. Slightly... but definitely better.

(Maybe it's not the writing, maybe it's the rants, but whichever works for me.)