Tuesday, March 28, 2017

In The Years to Come


A semester has passed and I haven't written anything, presumably on purpose. I planned on keeping it that way; just let the blog covered by imaginary cobwebs for being abandoned too long, because I just didn't bother enough to write any thing any more. That, until a friend of mine, who unexpectedly also a frequent(?) reader of this blog, asked me out of the blue. 

"Are you seriously that busy so you can't even update your blog?"

It was surprising because: 1) I didn't even know he read my blog; 2) There are people out there who actually care about my nonsensical writing on this outdated platform???

Recovering from my initial shock, here I am; a few weeks late to the question, but still going to answer nonetheless.

So, no, I wasn't that busy. 

I said I would study hard on my previous Survival Report post but no, I didn't even try hard enough. It showed in the results, though. But I'm done comparing myself to other people just for the sake of it.  Like...yes, I'm still finishing a Bachelor degree, not Master degree. It's true, my best friends are married and giving birth while I'm still proudly single. No, I don't own a brand new car or fancy housing yet. 

But it's okay. I'm getting older by the day, but even that is fine, too. 

There are so many other things in life that I could be proud of. My hobby gets me to be friends with amazing people. I also learn a bit of a new language. College life is stressful but quite fun, and once another friend said, "... but at the very least I could meet many interesting people. I met you."

Sure, in the years to come, I would love to get a Master degree too. I want to get married to someone who is nice and can appreciate long handwritten letters (because he understands how bad I am with expressing feelings verbally). And by then, owning a car and a nice house would be possible--we might even have a small yard where our five cats can freely roam around.

My life just goes on a bit slower pace than others. But maybe, just maybe, when it is going slower, I can pay more attention to everything around me and enjoy them with full delight.

P.S. Pardon the babbling above because it's already 2 AM and I'm probably a bit drunk of MSG or something because I swear I don't usually sound this sappy and/or cringey.