Sunday, October 19, 2014


I almost didn't recognize him.
Yes, he was wearing his signature plaid shirt, jeans, and sneakers. But they weren't the ones so dirty I had to sneak into his room to throw those abominations to the nearest laundy service few years ago. Actually, his bold colored sneakers looked really fancy, and I was sure it must cost him grand.
And something about his face; it seemed brighter. He still did have the scruff along his jawline--he pledged he wouldn't shave them off otherwise he would look underaged--but instead of growing uncontrollably around his face like a homeless man, he trimmed it nicely. Also, he ditched the old fashioned glasses and maybe wore lenses in exchange, because I could clearly see his emerald green eyes; greener than I ever remember.

The thing that gave him away was his smile. Oh, those smiles. I used to do even the silliest things to get those smiles out of him. Now he gave it easily to just anyone, including me, some random girl he accidentally looked in the eyes at a long bathroom line. He didn't recognize me. Yet.

So I decided to break the ice first.