Wednesday, July 31, 2013

After Two Years

She had to be punctual, even though it was more for her satisfaction as a perfectionist than for practical reasons. She hated to deal with the consquences, though. As for now, she sat alone on a big round table in a family restaurant, waited for her ex-classmates from two years ago to appear before her eyes. She knew for sure they would be late; they always did. But she couldn't bring herself to arrive even one minute later than the promised time because she was sure if she let herself do it once, it would slowly become a habit. And she frightened just by the thought of it.

She watched the front door swinging as customers came in and out. No faces she recognized. She checked her cellphone for time and it was already twenty five minutes since she had sat like a fool. The waitresses kept glancing at her; a mixture of annoyed look and sending a pity.


She turned around and found a tall, well-built man walking toward her direction. He smiled, and his bright eyes disappeared into thin half circles of uncolored rainbow. She couldn't help herself. She recognized that face, she still would even if she saw him from afar, with or without her glasses. It had been two years--and she admitted she had changed so much since then--but some feelings were meant to remain unchanged.

"Hi." She instantly stood up. "Bari, long time no see."

"Yeah. Two years, if I'm not mistaken?"

"You're not." She smiled. "Please, sit. I have been sitting alone waiting for you guys, but twenty five minutes went by and you're the only one showing up."

"Oh, so you're not happy to see me here? That hurts. Maybe I should head back home..."

Suddenly, her pupils dilated. Did she just blow things up? "No, I'm sorry, please just--"

"Haha, it's okay, Ata, I'm just kidding. I'm staying with you."

And she could not stand grinning like an idiot. Well, this was happening. Back in two years ago, who would have thought she could hold a conversation with him longer than two words variation of yes and no.

"Ah, it's raining," she said. Both of their heads turned to view the window. Outside, the rain started to pour  heavily, blurring the thick glasses of window and blocking their vision to whatever happened in the other side of the wall. She let out a sigh. "They're gonna be so much late."

"What a bummer."

She glanced beside. Somehow, there was no subtle indication of him being irritated at all.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Special Snowflake Syndrome

From Urban Dictionary:

‘Special snowflake’ syndrome, is a disease in which the subject believes that because she occupies a subculture mildly different to the mainstream, she is inherently better, and above them. The subject will never state that she is better, but it is implied, as is the belief that she is rare in her qualities, despite, in reality, being an only slightly less common cliche. 
Subjects suffering from this syndrome have been known to make statements such as “I’m the girl who’d rather stay home reading Harry Potter than get drunk and get sweet hooks", and will frequently act as if she is under tremendous pressure to act like a ‘typical girl,’ not realizing that ‘typical girls’ are a myth, and those she looks down upon are not what they seem.

There are some people I know suffer from this syndrome. Heck, maybe I also suffer from one at some point. But, ehm, well, at least I'm introspecting. And that is exactly the reason why I want to raise awareness of this questionably legit mental illness, because it could turn you into an annoying person without you even realize.

So, girls (and in some cases, also boys), you're not that special just because what you do/like/hate/are is somewhat faintly different than the others. There are 6 billions people in this world; you could not be just the only one.